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“When we strive to become better than we are everything around us becomes better, too.”

- Paulo Coelho

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All healings offered at The Center at Keystone are offered by practitioners certified through the Modern Mystery School and sourced from the ancient lineage of King Solomon.

Aura Healing

Aura healing helps repair and remove distortions to your aura. The aura is the primary area through which we hold….

Life Activation

restores a more natural energetic balance by removing disharmonious or misqualified energies. It can also clear some ….

Egyptian Aura Healing

In this healing, Sacred Geometry is used to clear and purify the 7 levels of your aura. This healing works to heal and clear ….

Purification by Light

These advanced clearing techniques open the way to living empowered and alive. Remove blocks from your past ….

Crystal Healing

This healing modality can be used to heal old and new wounds, clean up detrimental emotional, physical….


clears subtle energetic connections that can keep a person locked in repeating patterns of thought, feeling, relationship…