Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry I - Activating Sacred Space

This class includes deeper teachings on Sacred Geometry, why it matters, and where its power lies!  These geometries will be activated and awakened for each attendee.  Every participant will receive an attunement or balancing of these geometries in their energy field.   You will learn the purpose of sacred geometry, why it is valuable, and most importantly how to use it to promote better health, wealth, healing, and protection for yourself, your family, and your friends!


Each participant will also learn how to create an energetic temple for themselves and others.  These techniques are highly effective and easy to use and really work… and of course, you have to actually use them!


This class is both experiential and practical!  You will receive ancient teachings to integrate and use in your life beyond this class.  If you are looking for tools to create a more positive energetic space in your home, office, or even hotel room, then this class is a good fit for you!

 Energy Exchange is $175


Audit Price $30  (use Discount Code:  SG1audit at checkout).  


 Adding Astral Travel 1 to Sacred Geometry 1?  Use Discount Code: SG1&AT and Save $25 per class ($50 total)

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