Journeys of the Spirit

Immerse yourself in Journeys of the Spirit, an intensive one-day workshop designed to unlock the gates to higher spiritual dimensions and help you forge profound connections with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Masters of Light, and other benevolent Beings of Light. Often referred to as channeling, this transformative practice will expand your reality and deepen your connection to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

In our daily lives, we all experience moments of channeling without even realizing it, typically through our creative abilities. Gaining the skill to channel accurately for yourself allows you to access a wealth of knowledge, opportunities for growth, and ways to be of service. This workshop will teach you to collaborate with your Higher Self, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of the information you receive.
In this class, you will learn:

  1. Effective and secure techniques for traversing spiritual dimensions
  2. How to safely channel and establish connections with appropriate Beings of Light, who can offer guidance and insights on your spiritual journey
  3. Creating a sacred and protected space for your practice
  4. Effortlessly accessing trance or altered states of consciousness
  5. Methods for enhancing your psychic awareness and spiritual intuition
  6. Recognizing signs that the information you receive serves your highest good
  7. Engaging in conversations with spiritual beings residing in higher dimensions of reality
  8. Integrating this practice and knowledge into your daily life for ongoing growth and development


This workshop is ideal for those seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual connections and a desire to enhance their intuitive abilities. No prior experience is necessary, as the course provides a supportive environment for all levels of spiritual explorers.
This class is taught by senior guide Shawn Warnick and supported by Junior Guide Dr. Bill Moss.

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