Empower Thyself Initiation

Empower Thyself Initiation is a 2-day training, serving as a rebirth into a higher level of Living!

The Empower Thyself initiation is a modern mystery school class offered by Dr. Bill Moss. During this class, participants embark on a spiritual journey of selfdiscovery and empowerment.

The course is designed to help individuals access their inner wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose in life. The Empower Thyself initiation teaches the ancient principles of mystery school teachings.

Participants learn how to access their higher selves, open the gateway to their inner power, and develop the skills to create a more joyful life! The course provides a unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of the universe and to understand how to use this knowledge for personal transformation.


You become more YOURSELF than you’ve ever imagined.   Through initiation, you will make a deep connection to what is right for you! Understand what serves you, and how you can serve humanity with your unique gifts!   You will become more aware of your inner thoughts, feelings, DESIRES, and POTENTIAL., Ultimately caring less about what others think, and having more joy every day!

Negative patterns and habits begin to shift and often negative cycles will finally be overcome. Over time, and with the applied use of the tools learned in this 2-day training, you can begin to make real progress toward your life’s purpose and achieve deeper, more meaningful relationships with yourself and others. Many feel that they finally begin to acquire inner strength and wisdom that is connected to their highest good, and it begins to shine through in their daily actions, thoughts, and LIFE.

Simply, the areas of life which seem “stuck” slowly become “unstuck”.

With Empower Thyself Initiation, you will take the first step on a tried and true PATH OF PROGRESSION.

path of initiation

What will you receive?

This training begins a process where you will:

  • Receive the keys to living a successful human life
  • Learn basic daily rituals which structure your energy, and mind, and provide tools to create change in your life
  • Develop contact with your higher guidance
  • Make life easier and simpler, changing the flow of your baseline energy from negative to positive, allowing you to struggle less with the mundane details of life and focus on the bigger picture!
  • Become more centered and grounded in your own self and personal space
  • Understand your negative ego and how to overcome it
  • Examine what it means to be human and why you were born
  • Refine your contact with God (by whatever name you call God) and have a more clear, more personalized relationship

This class is 2 days and lasts from 10 am – 6 pm both Saturday and Sunday and is taught by Dr. Bill Moss, an Apprentice Guide Certified by the Modern Mystery School.

Energy Exchange is $1050.00  deposit of $357.00 Reserves your spot.

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Questions about where to start?

In this 15-minute exploration call with Dr. Bill Moss, we will discover which services are right for you! This call is self-directed and you are welcome to discuss any services we offer!