Initiation is a process of inner transformation that has been used by mystery schools for thousands of years. It is a process of self-discovery and spiritual growth that helps us to better understand the universe and our place within it. 


In 2017 I received my first Initiation, the adept initiation offered by a certified guide in The Modern Mystery School.  Following initiation, my life unfolded in a beautiful way.  I put down relationships that didn’t work, I found new beginnings, business partners, and joy, and excitement for life that seemed to be waning. 


So why initiation?  Why a path of progression?


path of initiationObviously, Becoming a doctor there is a path of study.  Similarly, to be a professor, there is a path of study.  And if you want to become a professional athlete, there is a path.  These paths are taught by those who’ve walked them, and serve as guides to lead! 


This is a common scenario.  If fact, we innately seek it from those who’ve gone before us.  It’s for this very reason that we choose universities, schools, and mentors.  Why?  Because we seek a corridor that eliminates distractions and helps us get to our destination.  


In the case of education that might be a degree or Ph.D.  A Doctor would be licensed to practice.  An athlete, begin drafted in the pros.  In the case of spiritual development, knowing one’s self as a spiritual being and one’s place in the world, purpose! 


A path of progression exists for spiritual development.


Additionally, seekers of spiritual development read books for insight, attend workshops or classes, follow a guru, or do a retreat, and acquire knowledge that they may or may not be ready for.  Often times information is too advanced for their time of development.  This leads to collecting ideas, tools, and rituals that never become habits or practices.  


A path for progression provides a container for development that gives time for, acclimation, and integration.  When training to be a professional of any sort, hopefully, you aren’t thrown to the wolfs the first day.  You aren’t given the New York Yankee’s playbook on the first day of little league.  We learn to walk before you run, you learn to practice before you compete, and in the spiritual world, you begin to know and experience more than you’ve been led to believe.  When you continue to experience who you truly are, you start to know who you are!  Knowing Thyself begins with initiation.


At The Center at Keystone, we offer Empower Thyself Initiation which is designed to help you explore your inner self and develop an understanding of the greater mysteries of the universe and YOU.  Through initiation, we gain insight into the secret wisdom of the ancients and gain a deeper understanding of our place in the world and begin to know ourselves.  


Ultimately, initiation is designed to open minds and hearts to the greater mysteries of the universe. During initiation, we explore our own spiritual path and make connections with the divine. Through this exploration, you gain a better understanding of yourself, your gifts, and your unique purpose!