Never in a million years did I think I would be offering energy healing or be a Life Activation practitioner certified by The Modern Mystery School.  6 years ago a friend offered me a healing modality called Life Activation.  Surprisingly, I had no resistance to the idea.  What you need to know is that prior to that day, I had never had any energetic healing work.  I never had reiki, sound healing, chakra clearing, angel reading, no ancient or new age healings for me, none.  


Actually, I was always a bit averse to the energy-healing world.  Many of the practitioners I met seemed ungrounded and disconnected.  Tended to be very “out there” and not living in reality.  Life Activation in my experience was totally the opposite.  I felt more comfortable inside myself than ever before.

Let’s talk about it…

So here’s the deal, I didn’t really know what to expect.  My friend who activated me said things like, 


“You’ll be more connected to the light.”

“… hold more space for others.” 

“… feel better.”


So what happened? 

Pretty much all of that and more!  Let’s break it down.

Immediately, I felt more peaceful.  As a person that frequently presents in public, I noticed that while public speaking, I didn’t feel nervous. I felt calm, collected, focused, and prepared.  

What else?

The biggest thing for me came in the form of opportunities.  Very shortly after receiving Life Activation, I was given the chance to teach chiropractic around the United States and Europe.  I also helped establish and open the first Upper Cervical Chiropractic office in Barcelona Spain.  None of these opportunities were on my radar.  Stars seemed to align.  My life started to click and speed up in a direction that was purposeful, joyful, and with ease (yet not necessarily EASY).  


As practitioners, we say that Life Activation helps you align more fully with your unique gifts and your unique purpose.  Sometimes life blows up!  Especially if you are the type of person that is wearing a bunch of masks and working on things that really provide you no joy or fulfillment.  Change might always feel great!  If you are looking for a comfortable life, don’t change.  If you are looking for a rewarding life… You’re probably a good fit!


So when do people typically seek Life Activation?


The most common theme among people seeking Life Activation is they are at a natural crossroads in their life (usually an internal crossroads).  This shows up in career changes, relationships ending, relationships starting, contemplating a move, or a big decision.  Life Activation helps cultivate an inner awareness, an inner knowingness that seems to nudge people in a direction to help them live life more purposefully and fulfilling.  It’s wild to me to continue to hear stories months and years after people are Life activated.  If fact 2 of my staff members left careers of 25 and 13 years to pursue a different path.  The direction there were going wasn’t part of their purpose on the planet.  


Are you looking to live a more authentic purposeful life?  Life activation might be right for you.  


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