Do you set intentions? If so, do you include your kids? Setting intentions with kids can greatly help their self-awareness and understanding.

In Mini Me Yoga, we introduce intentions with the children in our classes. For toddlers and early elementary students, this is a simple intention of love and kindness. Discussion really begins in the intermediate grades (3rd to 5th grade). We set intentions at the beginning of our yoga practice, either as a whole group or individually. Depending on how children are coming to the mat, we talk about what we see as a need in our lives or in the world around us. 

Set Intentions, Not Goals

When it comes to goal setting, many people forget the importance of setting intentions. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of having to achieve a specific outcome – we often focus too much on the end goal and not enough on the journey. Taking the time to set your intentions when embarking on a new project, goal or task can have a huge impact on how successful you’re able to be.

Setting intentions means having a clear purpose and focus for your actions. It helps motivate you to move forward and stay on track, as well as eliminating distractions which may get in the way. When you have a clear intention in mind, it serves as a reminder of what you’re working towards and can help you stay focused.

Teaching Kids to Set Intentions with MMY

In Mini Me Yoga classes, setting intentions with kids is part of each class. We discuss what we are noticing that we (or the world) need more of being kindness, love, friendship, strength, and so on. We talk about what we see and why. This isn’t a goal. We aren’t stating, “By this time next week, my whole class is going to be my friend”. 

So much of that “goal” is out of our control. By working with children to focus on what they can control,  we can help them discern where they should focus their energy and attention. And it always starts with us. This includes how they feel and manage emotions and how their responses to situations impact others.

If we want to see more kindness in the world, for example, it begins with us as individuals. We can set the intention of being more kind and leading by example. Taking control of our actions, reactions, and mental state, will greatly affect how we interact with those around us. In turn, others interactions, responses, and perceptions of us with be affected. 

Starting this awareness at such a young age is children’s self-awareness and their understanding of their place in the world. Join us at The Center at Keystone for children’s yoga and mindfulness classes to help your children elevate their self-awareness.