Introduction to The Center at Keystone

A serene and empowering atmosphere at The Center at Keystone, where ancient wisdom meets modern spiritual practices.

The Center at Keystone shines brightly for those searching for more than the everyday. We embrace the power of self-discovery as a spiritual being, drawing on the ancient path of progression from the Lineage of King Salomon and the Modern Mystery School. Meditation, energy healing, and spiritual empowerment classes form our core, aiming to unlock […]

Embracing Spiritual Growth at The Center at Keystone

Understanding Your Journey Life is an ever-evolving path of self-discovery. Some of us walk it with confidence, while others seek signposts that help illuminate the way. Who comes to The Center at Keystone? Our sanctuary appeals to a unique clientele: Practical and educated seekers:  These are individuals, thirsty for a depth of spiritual awakening that […]

Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age: The Keystone Experience

Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times In an era where fast-paced lives and instant gratifications often overshadow true self-understanding, The Center at Keystone emerges as a beacon for those seeking profound spiritual growth. Merging the time-honored teachings from King Salomon’s lineage handed down through The Modern Mystery School.  With today’s personal methodologies, our center offers an […]

The Benefits of Energy Healing and How It Can Improve Your Life

Energy Healing Benefits

The journey towards personal and spiritual growth is a path that requires not just knowledge, but also wisdom, practice, and a profound understanding of self. Whether you’re a practical and educated individual seeking spiritual enrichment, an affluent explorer intrigued by ancient healing practices, or someone who believes there is more to life than conventional paths, […]

5 Spiritual Books for Beginners: A Guide to Personal Growth

5 Spiritual Books for Beginners: A Guide to Personal Growth

Reading can be a valuable tool for anyone on a spiritual path, so I put together a reading list of 5 spiritual books for beginners I recommend! By exploring the ideas, stories, and teachings of others, we can gain new perspectives, insights, and inspiration that can help us grow and evolve! However, reading is only […]