2023 is a time for resolutions and goals. We all want to make the most of the upcoming year and set ourselves up for success. One goal that should be at the top of your list for 2023 is meditation. 


Meditation offers a myriad of benefits to individuals who practice it regularly. Studies have shown that it can reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and boost overall physical and mental health. It can also help you to better cope with difficult emotions, anxiety, and depression. Meditation is accessible to everyone and can be practiced in a variety of ways. You can meditate in a seated position, while walking, or even while laying down. 

It can be done alone or with a group. Additionally, If you are looking for a group practice you can join me, Dr. Bill Moss, every Thursday at 7 pm for an in-person Max Meditation System at The Center at Keystone, or every other week online!

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You can also find guided meditations online or through apps such as Headspace or Calm. Meditation is a powerful tool to help you create a sense of balance in your life. It can help you to stay mindful of your thoughts and emotions and to practice being present.  This can help you to better manage stress and to be more conscious of your decisions.  Although you may believe you need a quiet mind to start meditating, this is false. You achieve a quiet mind by practicing meditation!


We all could benefit from adding meditation to our lives in 2023. By committing to a regular practice, you can be sure to unlock the many benefits that meditation can offer. So, make it a goal this year and take the time to sit in stillness and focus on the present moment.  Not sure where to start?  Reach out, let’s jump on a call in 2023!


Cheers to peace of mind in 2023!