*Mini Me Yoga can help your child (and you!) learn how to handle stress and anxiety.*

Even the sight of the word. stress. It doesn’t feel good in the body. Doesn’t taste good on our tongue. Every ounce of it oozes a negative connotation. 

Yet, at some point along our journey of life, it became normalized. stress. That’s life. It’s hard. Your job will be stressful. Home will be stressful. Raising kids is stressful. Living is….stressful

What if?

But what if? What if it wasn’t? What if we made choices along our life’s path that led us to a place where stress was minimal, and even better yet….. manageable? 

Guess what? It doesn’t need to be a “what if” scenario. It can be a reality. How do I know? I’m living proof. 

My Story

So, I found myself as a teacher and mother of three with crippling anxiety. Panic attacks. Depressed. Overwhelmed. I could continue but I think the point is pretty clear. Chances are you’re nodding your head in understanding. Feel the pull at your heart and feel seen. Well, I see you. And I’m sorry. Life doesn’t need to be that way. 

Through support and a lot of inner work, I can happily say I am on the other side. Does watching my daughter’s soccer games still get me anxious? Yep! Do I still get overwhelmed by a home that doesn’t know how to clean itself? Check! Does listening to the kids argue over something of no importance, because they’re tired or hungry still make me want to scream? Two Hands Up!

BUT! Those are moments. They come, and just as quickly, they pass. I’m no longer stuck in the tornado with no way of getting it to stop. I now have strategies, or as a teacher would say, “tools in my toolbox.” I can keep stress to a healthy level (yes there is such a thing!). Getting my body out of “fight or flight” and back to “rest and reset” is now easy.

Enter…. Mini Me Yoga!

Through my self discovery and “inner working”, I began down a new path of finding ways to get the tools I took years to discover into the hands of children. I found myself reflecting back on how useful they would have been when I was going through adolescence. Yoga, breath work, positive affirmations/mindset, meditation, and movement; each an important part of my story and my ability to take stress head on and keep it in its place. Each, now, is an important part of my children’s lives, and the children who enjoy our Mini Me Yoga classes.

Now, if you want the ability to guide the children in your life through the stress of life, contact us. We can help equip you with the tools to use these strategies with children. Making it fun and accessible. Teaching them to listen to their bodies, and finding what helps their bodies feel better. Kids are intuitive. You will be amazed by how quickly they will hold on to those new “tools in their toolbox” and pull them out at the most magical of times.

Caitlan Becker