So you want to be better? Practical Spirituality might be the answer.

You read books for self-knowledge.  Train your physical body.  You feed yourself healthy foods and drink, and are in touch with your emotions…but something feels blah… kind of flat.  

This is precisely where I was in my early 30’s.  I knew all the masks to wear, and the things to say.  I created a great face to show the world, and I wasn’t bringing forward my authentic self.  In addition, I had this incessant desire to keep searching for something.  I was looking for the one thing that would shift all things.  

The area that was missing in my life was a knowingness that I was much more.  I don’t mean an intellectual knowing, I mean a deeper connection to myself, god, source, and light that was undeniable.  For me, this process began with a Life Activation.  Through Life Activation, I began to find and develop myself through spiritual practice.  PRACTICE is the name of the game.  I didn’t inform myself into “believing” or simply having “faith.”   I became practically spiritual! 

Practically Spritual?!

I needed my spiritual practice to actually make a difference in my life.  It did, but I had to do something.  I had to practice!  Practice is about process and exploration, not indoctrination or obedience.  Practice isn’t once.  Many people don’t like meditation the first few times because it takes repetition to reap the full benefits.  Most aren’t persistent enough to continue…  Try 20 minutes a day for 30 days and tell me you aren’t a different person

Simply believing or having faith negates the experience and the experiment known as YOU!  If you just simply believe for the sake of someone who “said so,” you are missing the opportunity to see for yourself, and that includes believing me!   


Be your own scientist!


Through activations, healings, initiations, and spiritual practices (ritual, meditation, prayer), I took action, used what I learned, and observed the fruits of my life!  This is the key, it’s about the fruits not the convincing!    

Did everything feel good, and comfortable… LOL yea right.  Walking a spiritual path is quite the opposite.  Having more light in your life will shine a light on all areas of your life.  Simply, with more light, you can see more!  Often times the things you’ve never seen before are not for the mundane, they’re for the courageous!  


It’s almost humorous that we believe change comes with a continual state of comfort.  Is studying to be an expert comfortable?  Is training in a new job comfortable? Or is Training as an athlete comfortable?  Raising children comfortable?  Is being a child comfortable?  And I ask you the question…how much do these things make you grow?


None of these are comfortable, and yet there is a great reward and learning in all of the discomforts!  When I first started walking a spiritual path, Life Activation, and Initiation, provided through the Lineage of King Salomon and The Modern Mystery School, I experienced some of the toughest lessons in my life.  Yet, I moved through lessons with more grace, and courage while interrupting detrimental patterns that sabotaged my progress!  I was able to do this because I actually had spiritual tools that were practical.  As a certified guide, I teach a class called Empower Thyself, which actually gives you tools to work daily in your life!  


The greater resistance, the greater the reward.

You don’t have to believe me regarding the above statements.  In my own life, I have found the scarier things tend to yield the greatest reward!  Maybe resistance isn’t the thing to be avoided, but a sign of the way?  I meet people all the time that have resistance to meditation, Life Activation, and Initiation.  Usually, resistance is a sign of the greatest gift you could give yourself.  Here’s the truth, you’ll know by your fruits.

Do you love every aspect of your life?!  Amazing, it’s like a garden, you must continue to tend to it.  If you want to make a change?  Reach out…maybe I can help:)   Reach out, I’m always happy to do a discovery call!