About the Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School is a global spiritual organization that offers teachings, healing sessions, and meditations to support individuals on their path of personal and spiritual growth. At the Center at Keystone, we provide these resources to help guide you on your journey.

Where to begin?

The path of progression in the Modern Mystery School begins with Life Activation, a powerful healing modality that awakens your dormant spiritual potential. This activation helps you connect with your inner wisdom, intuition, and creativity, providing a greater sense of purpose and direction in life.

Once you receive the Life Activation, you can then choose to pursue further initiations and courses offered by the Modern Mystery School. The Empower Thyself class is the next step, which is a two-day intensive workshop that teaches spiritual and metaphysical laws, ancient rituals and meditation, and how to use these teachings to create real change in your life!

Advanced Training

After completing the Empower Thyself Initiation, you can choose to pursue advanced training in specific areas of interest, such as Universal Kabbalah, Hermetics, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, energy healing, or Meditation. The Modern Mystery School offers a wide range of advanced courses and workshops to support you in your continued spiritual growth and development. At the Center at Keystone, we also provide many classes, healings, and meditations to help you discover your purpose and support you on your spiritual journey.

The Modern Mystery School emphasizes personal experience and direct knowledge. The organization believes that true understanding and wisdom can only come from direct experience, and encourages its members to explore and experiment with the teachings and techniques they learn.

If you are interested in the path of progression, start with the Life Activation and then proceed through the Empower Thyself Initiation class offered at the Center at Keystone. This path provides a comprehensive and experiential education in the ancient wisdom teachings of the Mystery School, and supports you in your personal and spiritual growth.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Bill Moss personally, about any services offered (bill@centeratkeystone.com)